Tampa - roof Air Handling Units

Air handling units Tampa are intended for use on the outside of buildings, they are adopted for mounting on roofs of large-size buildings, such as industrial halls, super and hypermarkets, logistic centers and warehouses. The units are equipped with specially shaped small roof to protect it against precipitation and prevents water accumulations. Depending on the unit size, capacity from 1300 up to 125 550 m3/h makes it possible to use central TAMPA in large-size buildings such as:

• industrial halls
• super and hypermarkets
• warehouses
• public facility buildings

These equipment enables the unit to perform functions of air handling:
• heating
• cooling
• filtration
• drying
Use of the heat exchanger makes it possible to recover energy from removed air. It refers to heating the stream of cold air during winter season (heat recovery) as well as primary cooling of fresh warm air during summer season (cold recovery). Thus, costs of exploitation of rooms equipped in DOSPEL Professional Technologies units may be lowered.


Frame of the unit is made of aluminium profiles which are fixed with polyamide corner joints. Thus, the construction is compacted and stable. Additional rigidity of floor standing unit is achieved thanks to mounting frame made of steel. Air handling units casings are made of ply-boards filed with:
- polyurethane foam
- mineral wool
Boards are coated on both sides with galvanized steel. Plates thickness from 25 up to 35 mm depends on manner of production. Ply-boards provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
Perfect insulation of the air handling unit casing was obtained through:
- enclosure of the construction profile at external plane
- gasket on internal plane