• 2016-04-27

    ErP Ready!

    Dospel company builds a environmentally friendly products. Our products are compatibiled with ErP 2016. Documentation of each product contains all technical data required by Directive.
  • 2015-04-30

    Presentation of the Dospel Company

    Dospel Comfort, being a part of the DOSPEL Group, offers the wide choice of domestic and industrial fans, installations, and ventilation finishings. The qualified technical and commercial advisors, who can help you at every stage of the order, are present in Dospel Comfort showrooms at your disposal. The experience of our experts is the unquestionable advantage of the developing company. The high qualified group of engineers, experts in the branch, and managers guarantee the perfect cooperation. Modern machines enable the maintenance of the highest standards of production. Millions of Dospel Comfort's products leave the factories of Dospel each year. They are always delivered on time to many continents. Our clients' satisfaction is our priority in the realization of orders.
  • 2014-07-21

    Dospel - sponsor of Aerotunnel Flyspot

    On the 20th of May, on the outskirts of Warsaw, the Aerodynamics FLYSPOT tunnel has officially been opened. The Aerodymanics FLYSPOT is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the world. Flight in the tunnel guarantees a lot of fun and one minute in it is equivalent to a single parachute jump from 4000 meters. Everything is done under the watchful eye of professional instructors. Dospel decided to support this investment. We are pleased that in our country more often such initiatives arise - from our side we congratulate the team of Aerodymanics FLYSPOT and wish them every success. Details at www.flyspot.com
  • 2013-07-05

    Dospel sponsor of the Semi-final of the Speedway World Team Cup

    Dospel, Leader in Ventilation, is the title sponsor of the Speedway Ekstraliga club CKM Włókniarz, for the second season in a row. This season we also decided to support the prestigious event, which is the semi-final of the Speedway World Team Cup. Dospel is known for its activities in supporting young, ambitious athletes. As a company, we strive to motivate our athletes to the best of our abilities. We provide rewards to the winners of nominated heats, just like twenty years ago at the Idzikowski and Czerny memorial where the winner of the race received a prize in kind, so now each nominated race winner is rewarded with a check for the value of 1500 PLN. Sponsors of the checks are: Arthauss - leader of Passive Houses and Dospel - Leader in Ventilation. We believe that with our help and with the help of reliable supporters, the team will reach the highest place on the podium, providing an unforgettable spectacle for us all.
  • 2013-04-06

    Dospel sponsor of the X-Factor

    Dospel recently decided to help people who want to fulfill their dreams and start a career in the music industry - we became a sponsor of the world-famous program X-FACTOR. We are pleased that with our help and our support, people who so far have been anonymous, may appear before the cameras and show their capabilities across Poland and thus take their first steps on the national stage. We hope that with our support talented people will be discovered, people who devote themselves with passion, which often is the sole meaning and purpose of their life and who would not normally have the opportunity to show their skills and build a career without this program. We are pleased that we can support young talents not only on the field or speedway track, but now also on the music scene.

New Eduro Catalogue

Eduro is new series of type of air handling and air conditioning suspended units offered by Dospel Professional Technologies. Mounting system of EDURO centrals is compatybile with channel system.

Product Catalogue

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In order to inquire about our products and their availability, we kindly ask you to contact us at the telephone number:
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Our PArtners

Ventilation with heat recovery

Since 2008 Dospel Ltd has started its cooperation with Berlüf, the German producer of air handling units. High quality products and unconventional solutions made the Leader in Ventilation sign a contract with Berlüf. More information at:


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Dospel Ltd is one of the greatest producers of devices and systems of ventilation and air conditioning, that offers products and services of the highest quality. The company constantly tries to predict Clients needs. Therefore, it introduces many revolutionary solutions that raise the comfort of using Dospels products. We are aware of the fact that the most important values in your life are health and happiness of your relatives. Our aim is to assure your family the highest quality of life. The measure of our success is your satisfaction. Trust us. Live with Comfort